Web Site

What happened to the other sites?

There’s been way too many name changes and direction changes since 2015. The last name change was “ZocialSnaps”. Here’s what was posted on ZocialSnaps for weeks prior to it being shutdown:

The end is here for ZocialSnaps. On (or before) February 10, 2018 the site will be shut down.

Things Changed

A lot of things have changed since MyInkedSpace was originally created in 2010. Part of the decline was caused by the constant site changes and several name changes but also people spending more time on Facebook and other social networks and no Android app — we used to get almost all new members by having an Android app in Google Play, but for the last few years it’s been impossible to get one approved. As a result, new members trickle in and the site doesn’t become more active. It’s been this way for a few years now.

Some History

In 2014, there were three sites: MyInkedSpace, Zocialized, and KrackSocial. During peak times (every night) more than 600 people would be online. One dedicated server costing over $500/mo supported the three sites. Now during peak times it’s more like 5 people online. While the expensive dedicated server is long gone, the site isn’t compatible with cheap shared hosting to just keep it up. Members contribute almost nothing to keeping it up.

A Solution

A clean slate. Tattoos Anonymous is much cheaper to host (1/5th the cost of here) and is now back up. If you’ve seen it, you know what it looks like and features it had (not all that different from here). There are a lot of add-ons for it, including chat rooms. It doesn’t have Owned or the slot machine (I could always create those myself later on). We may have better luck with an Android app with that site. It at least provides a way for people to stay in touch, costs a lot less to host it, and cool new features can be added with add-ons created by other people (less work for me to maintain the site).

Pictures, Private Messages, etc

All of that will be gone once this site is shutdown. You should save anything you want to keep. It will be permenantly deleted from the server and cloud storage. If you join Tattoos Anonymous you’ll be able to create albums and upload those pictures with similar privacy settings.

VIP & Bling Bucks

TBD. A backup of the database will be kept so that could be transferred later on once such features exist.